The Temple Bar 10 year old

By Owen, 02/05/2017

Vol: 40%
Type: Single pot still
From: Ireland
Casks: ex-Bourbon
Age: 10 Year

Colour: golden straw colour, very light in the glass

Nose (16): Very little going on here for me, getting some vanilla and caramel, but very understated, and over powered by the burning nose.  Some citrus maybe, but for me very low level in the background.

Taste (17): Continuation of the vanilla and caramel with some creaminess and fruit flavours, but the overall spice heat takes over

Finish (16): If you can get past the overall heat taking over your mouth, you should get some creme caramel, and a little sweetness from the fruit flavours, but this one will warm you up.

Balance (17): The biggest issue here is the spice/burning which just takes over, for me at least.  This gets some better balance as you get towards the end of your shot, but by then you’ll feel 10 degrees warmer.

Try as I might, I just cannot get myself round to fully liking this one. Although there are some nice flavours coming through, the heat just kills the overall experience.  As you can see I got this as a miniature, and would recomend you do the same before splashing out on a larger bottle.  Might be nice with a mixer, or if left open for a while the flavours might mellow out a little, but I am unsure if worth the risk.  I might come back to it again and see if my opinion changes.

Overall Score: 66